Mean Girls


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She is amazing. With Grace C's styling and shot by Annie L it's just a gorgeous editorial. Elijah showing up in one of the photos is kind of random though, isn't it? Love it.

Sometimes I don't like her street style but I look forward to her doing period pieces like this.

I like this editorial a lot, very impressive! And she's also on the cover of Vogue Russia september issue!

Hey Dea -- check out Natalia's photo shoot for boots. This is how it's done with taste and class. What a difference between this shoot and Miranda's.

We're on a whole different level...and it shows!
Natalia's career is also very different...she's still working, though she's not that young according to modeling age standards and chooses carefully what she does.:P
September will bring lots of new editorials, can't wait! Natalia will be featured in Vogue Russia, after just a couple of months from last time, and we have other models rocking it, for example Coco Rocha will be on 5 different covers....

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